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7 tips for designing a professional online store for your company

7 tips for designing a professional online store for your company


Building a successful online store can seem like a challenging task for any small business, especially if you are not an expert in e-commerce. There are countless small decisions to make, and without experience you might get lost among countless opportunities.

But don't worry, dear reader: we have compiled a list of seven essential tips that will help you build a successful online store. Once you've chosen your e-commerce software, keep these seven tips in mind when creating your store.

1. Attractive design

If you use a mockup for your store, be sure to choose a design that's simple, functional, but beautiful.

Make sure to choose a professional web design company with successful experiences in your field

It's often a lot less: and here you don't stuff your storefront with buttons, content, or images.

Also, dear reader, when you create an online store, you should think of your store as a conversation

When a potential customer enters your page, they want to continue the conversation (buy a product, seek help, learn about today's offers, etc.) as quickly as possible, if you help them get to the things they care about quickly, you'll have a satisfied and returning customer.

You should also, dear reader, when choosing your website, make sure that it is suitable for mobile phones and tablets as well.

And one more thing: don't be vague about your online store presentation; Let your customers know right away what your store is.

You should also know that confusing images or the lack of a clear value proposition (why people should buy products from you rather than your competitors) will drive off potential customers.

2. Add good quality images and helpful descriptions
Including pictures is always a good idea, however make sure the images are of high quality and create a desire for your customers to own the product. As a general rule displaying a product while at work (such as a dress that someone is wearing, or a toy that children play with) is generally better than showing it passively in a box. .
The format of your product description depends on your product, for example electronic devices may need more specifications than clothing.
 Your text style should engage your customers and force them to buy your products.
 Consider adding product comparisons to help your customers make a decision.
3. Provide support
Sales support

An effective way to attract customers is to provide them with online support throughout the sale, including after-sales services such as troubleshooting.
The live chat feature on your website will help calm your customers' minds about buying from you.
If you can't run live chat, make sure to display your contact information as customers can reach you if they need support.
4. Building trust
In the world of anonymous e-commerce, trust is essential. If your customers do not trust you, they will not buy from you. Fortunately there are several proven methods of building trust online with potential customers.

Include the Who We Are section where you briefly describe your business. Likewise, consider running a blog with topics that engage your customers and showcase your products.
Add customer testimonials about your store and products. In addition, create a department that connects other businesses you work with. Interestingly, highlighting your partners will build trust with your customers as well.
5. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to get the attention of search engines to your store, and thus by customers. Find out which keywords your customers use when searching for the products you sell, and use them in product descriptions, blog articles, or any other content you have.

And don't forget the descriptions and meta tags, they will make most ready-made e-commerce platforms easy to update, this way your online store will be among the first things that appear on your customers' screen.

6. The presence of social media
Social media platforms are playing an increasing role in e-commerce, by influencing potential customers and providing an online marketplace to make purchases, just make sure your small business is on the platforms your customers use.
Word of mouth travels quickly, and an effective social media presence can serve as an advertising platform as well as a great tool for building trust
Post blog articles, current deals, or interesting anecdotes on social media and have your customers share your content. Word of mouth travels quickly, and an effective social media presence can serve as an advertising platform as well as a great tool for building trust, killing two birds with one stone, right?
7. Payment options
Online payment

The payment options they offer can easily become a deal breaker.

 Make sure to include all popular online payment options to prevent your customers from giving up their cart.

If you provide your customers with ease and convenience in making online payments, why not treat your international suppliers the same?