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Static website design 5 pages

Static website design 5 pages

A special offer for startups, small offices, owning an integrated introductory website, which includes a 5-page website design, and also includes a hosting plan and domain reservation, and a Certificate SSL website .. Knowing that this offer includes fixed website design, as an introductory website for the company on The Internet, in addition to, of course, the use of professional e-mail addresses in the name of the company instead of using free e-mail.

Specifications for displaying a website design :


  • Design a static website consisting of 5 pages

  • Design a home page that contains slider pictures of the profile page of the company or the website owner

  • View services/products page

  • A page to display previous jobs, a list of clients, or business models as selected

  • Contact us page - contains a contact form when filled out, the data is sent to an email address

  • The design is compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, computers and laptops

  • The site is one language, Arabic or English

  • Hosting plan SSL certificate for site security

  • The website shall be designed within 5 working days from the day the site’s data is received in full

Annual renewal: 1900 EGP (300 EGP Domain Renewal + 1600 EGP Hosting Plan Renewal)


2000 EGP