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Integrated package for website design

Integrated package for website design

For large companies and offices, a special offer to design an integrated website that fits with various business fields, including a modern professional design that is compatible with all screens, a photo album and a video album, and the site is bilingual, in addition to a professional control panel through which you can control the content of the site by changing, adding and deleting, and controlling Pictures on the site, and the offer also includes a hosting plan, and domain reservation

Specifications of the integrated package for designing a website for major companies

  • Modern, trendy and attractive designs.
  • A home page that contains animated sliders + an overview of the company + the latest products or services + an overview of clients or partners.
  • Internal pages, with the ability to add / modify / delete content from these pages.
  • A section on the site for products / services, and you can control the content of the section in terms of addition / modification / deletion.
  • A section of the site for clients where you can control the list of previous clients with their logos.
  • A photo album to attractively display your photo gallery A video album to display the videos of products and services.
  • Contact us page - contains a contact form when filled out, the data is sent to an email address.
  • The design is compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, computers and laptops.
  • The site has two languages ​​of your choice (other languages ​​can be added upon request)
  • SSL Certificate Hosting Plan to Secure Website.
  • The website will be designed within 20 working days from the day the site’s data is received in full. Annual renewal: 2500 EGP (300E Domain Renewal + 2200E Hosting Plan Renewal)


7000 EGP