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Website design for a real estate marketing company

Website design for a real estate marketing company

For real estate companies and offices working in the field of real estate marketing, we offer a special offer to design a website for a real estate investment company, where the offer allows designing a website with international features, a special space to advertise real estate, and also a model for visitors to the sites to add their properties to be sold, a photo album, and a video album, And other exclusive features that have been designed and programmed specifically for companies working in the real estate field

Website design specifications for a real estate marketing company


  • Attractive modern design suitable for real estate marketing services, real estate buying and selling.

  • Design a home page containing animated sliders to display distinctive real estate and real estate projects.

  • Internal pages module, you can add / modify / delete the content of these pages.

  • Contact us page - contains a contact form when filled out, the data is sent to an email address

  • A page showing real estate sections available through the site.

  • A page to display the property's details, photos, specifications and price.

  • A special map for each project or property and how to access it through Google Maps.

  • A special form that the site visitor can add to the property to be sold, and it will not appear on the site without the consent of the site owner.

  • Photo album of the company and its real estate projects.

  • A video album of the company and its real estate projects.

  • The design is compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, computers and laptops.

  • A control panel for all website content.

  • The site is one language, Arabic or English.

  • Domain name reservation.

  • Hosting plan The website is designed within 20 working days from the day the site’s data is received in full. SSL certificate for secure website. Annual renewal: 1900 EGP( 300 EGP renewal of the domain + 1600 EGP renewal)


7000 EGP