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How does the financial market work?

The financial market is a special structure in a market economy in which appears an opportunity to sell and buy securities (stocks and bonds), commodities (metals and agricultural goods) and other interchangeable elements.

Financial markets include:

  • stocks and bonds market;
  • commodity market (oil, wheat, gold, etc.);
  • money market;
  • derivatives market;
  • insurance market (risk management);
  • foreign exchange market (Forex);
  • real estate market.

How to make a large profit in the financial market?

The essence and the main role of the financial market is to unite all sellers so that they will be accessible to potential buyers. Asset prices change every day and it gives you the opportunity to buy and sell stocks, gold, currency, indices and energy resources for your benefit. You can make money in two ways: using the growth of their value and using their fall. The rules are equal for everyone: buy something cheaper and sell more expensively. Or vice versa, sell at a high markup and buy cheaper.

The broker is the mediator between the seller and the buyer in the world of markets. He can work with any securities (financial market instruments).

What is Forex?

Forex (from the English – «foreign exchange») is an international financial market where currency exchange takes place. Forex participants are not only individual traders.

Central banks of various countries, commercial financial organizations, as well as various investment and other funds, make profitable deals here.

Traders use the Forex market for profit on the difference in exchange rates. Concluding speculative deals, they can count on a fairly large income. Forex market is currently the most liquid financial market in the world because it works day and night.

Why do you need a forex broker?

In the financial market world, the broker is a mediator between the seller and the buyer. The purchasing power of an individual trader is usually so insignificant as compared to large investors so he needs a broker who provides a credit trading account and real market access through a trading platform. A single person cannot trade without a forex broker who has the right to deal with any securities (financial market instruments).

How to trade in the foreign currency exchange market?

Foreign exchange trading process occurs mainly in electronic form. A trader needs to choose a broker company, create a trading account, download and install a trading terminal, replenish an account and start trading to participate in exchange trading. It is important to understand the principles of the market in which the trader is going to trade before trading.

It is also necessary to understand the economic and political processes that may affect the market, and regularly monitor them. In addition, the trader should know the basic methods and tools of fundamental and technical analysis.

How to open a trading account?

Creating a trading account allows you to track stock and currency quotes in real time, carry out transactions for buying/selling securities, use the functionality of technical analysis, as well as receive timely information on the course of exchange trading. In order to start trading, you need to select an account (identifying the necessary tools, spreads or signals) that the broker offers.

Next step is to register a trade profile, which gives you access to trading signals, training seminars, insurance and so on. All you have to do is to fill out an account opening form and to send a request. Our specialists are ready to help traders with registration and creating an account 24 hours a day. You can also contact us by phone, online chat or email.

What is a demo account?

The demo account is an alternative in contrast to a real trading account. It allows you to choose a virtual amount and leverage and trade virtual funds independently, without risking your own capital. The demo account is excellent as a training tool for learning or practicing any trading strategy.

How to replenish your account?

You can replenish your account by a transaction from a bank account. You can refill your account remotely, using the Internet Bank or any other transfer of funds, where you can specify your bank details. Money can be credited to the broker within 1-3 working days. Account details are issued while opening a broker account.

How can I get a consultation?

To make your trading more effective you need theoretical knowledge, practical experience and ability to work with the platform where you will make trading operations. When you enter a broker service contract, a personal manager who will work with you throughout the entire service period is assigned to you. Your personal broker constantly monitors the market and your portfolio, promptly offers relevant ideas that are formed specifically for you and cover all available markets and financial instruments.

What are the terms of trade?

Your expenses depend on the trading strategy and the chosen tariff. Exchange fees are included in the broker’s commission, and trading terminals are provided for free. A withdrawal fee is charged for processing money transfer. We monitor suspicious activity and allow to withdraw funds only to the legal owner of the trading account.

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